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SSL Certificate for SMS API

Java Client for accessing Mobile Seva Push API ?

Note: SMS API will be accessible with TLSv1.1 protocol and above. Kindly upgrade to latest Java versions for recommended TLSv1.2 support.

Java Version TLS Protocol Supported
Java 6 Supports TLSv1.1 (JDK 6 update 111 and above). By default TLS1.0 is used. So, kindly specify TLSv1.1 in code.
Java 7 Supports TLSv1.2. By default TLS1.0 is used. So, kindly specify TLSv1.2 in code.
Java 8 & above Supports TLSv1.2. By default TLSv1.2 is used.

Steps to import certificate in Java Keystore required for JAVA version

1) Click to download the https://msdgweb.mgov.gov.in webservice certificate
Note: Import the certificate into the Java Store if you are using JAVA version 7 or below.
2) Make sure you have write access to your JRE and use the keytool utility to import it:
keytool -import -alias alias -keystore path-to-jre/lib/security/cacerts -file path-to-certificate-file
keytool -import -alias sunas -keystore /opt/jdk1.6/jre/lib/security/cacerts -file /home/gugrim/tmp/msdgwebmgov.crt
3) You will be prompted for the keystore password, which is by default changeit.
4) Also, when you connect to the server make sure you use the same name as the one set as the Subject in the certificate. You may need to add it to your host file if the server isn't reachable using this name, which may be the case for a development/production server.