Frequently Asked Questions

  • The SMS Push Service can be used by the Government departments and agencies to send SMS notifications or updates to citizens and businesses. For availing this service, the department / agency needs to have an account with Mobile Seva. This service is available only to government departments and agencies in the country.

  • Government departments and agencies can register themselves for opening a Push SMS account by filling the registration form available at The details provided in the registration form are verified and only on approval, departments and agencies would be able to use this service.

  • Government departments and agencies whose account has been approved can use Push SMS service by logging on to the Mobile Seva services portal at They can also use this service programmatically through our APIs. Please refer technical articles and user manual under "Resources" on this Portal for more details.

  • This service can be used by citizens or businesses to send a request for a service or to obtain status updates on their requests. It can be availed by sending an SMS to the short codes 166 or 51969 or the long code 9223166166. This service can also be availed by department officials for internal applications.

  • We have two short codes 166 and 51969 and a long code 9223166166 for Pull SMS services. To access Pull SMS services, users need to send an SMS to 166 / 51969 / 9223166166 in the format:- SPACE SPACE . The format of the SMS is illustrated below:

    Pull SMS Format

    In the above example, the SMS to be sent by the citizen would be "UPSC RESULT 123456". This SMS can be sent to any of the three codes: 166, 51969 or 9223166166. State government services start with the keyword for the state, followed by the sub-keyword which identifies the service and then, the parameter/argument.

  • IVRS refer to interactive voice response system. Users can dial 166 to access government services. Currently 166 is operational only on TATA, MTNL, Aircel, Videocon and MTS Teleservices. Subscribers from other operators can call 02226209367 / 02267870166 to access government services through our Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) system. The text response received from departments are converted to voice using Text-to-Speech engine and played to the caller.

  • A mobile application or a mobile app refers to an application software that has been designed and developed to run on mobile devices, such as a mobile phone or a tablet. Mobile apps can be developed to allow citizens and businesses to avail a wide range of public services through mobile devices. Under the Mobile Seva initiative, a large number of mobile apps have been developed and made available to all users for a wide range of public services.

  • A Mobile Applications Store(m-AppStore) has been created to facilitate the process of deployment of mobile applications for delivery of public services through mobile devices. The m-AppStore contains applications developed by the Mobile Seva team and other Government departments and agencies which can be used by the citizens and businesses. The mobile applications are listed under various categories including, state wise listing for state specific services. To download mobile applications please visit our website