SMS Push / Mobile Terminated


Departments can use SMS Push / Mobile Terminated, to send the SMS notifications to the citizens. Following is the integration process.

Integration Step by Step

Step 1: Account Creation

The department needs to first create the account on the SMS Gateway. Following fields are required for account creation:

Please send these details to msdp(at)cdac(dot)in. We initially credit only 5 SMS. After signing the Agreement (Download)(Size:90KB) and Declaration form (Download)(Size:22KB), we provide the required number of credits.

Step 2: How to access the Service?

These are the following two ways to use the SMS Gateway service.

Method One: Log in to and send the sms manually.

The department's user can login with the credentials which is provided when the account for the department is created.
The user can then do the following on this portal.

Method Two: Send SMS Programmatically

The department's application can send SMSs using the HTTP interface of SMS Gateway provided by MSDG.


1. HTTP API Documentation

HTTP API lets departments send across SMS messages using HTTP URL interface. The API supports SMS push (Single SMS and Bulk SMS).

Terms and definitions

Sender ID: Sender ID or CLI (Caller Line Identification) is limited to 8 characters in the API. According to TRAI regulations, there will be a 2 character prefix when delivered to the phone. For example, if you are passing the Sender ID as "cdac_mum", you will see the SMS delivered as AD-cdac_mum or TA-cdac_mum according to the route SMS Gateway chooses.

Message Length: For standard character set, 160 characters per SMS is supported. If a message is sent whose length is longer than the permitted character limit, it will be broken into multiple messages. You can submit up to 480 characters in one API request.

Using the HTTP URL for sending messages

The end point of the service is This Service is only available on HTTP POST.

Parameter Definitions
Parameter Description
UserName Specify the username provided
Password Password attached to the username
Message The SMS Text you want to submit
numbers The set of mobile numbers to broadcast the above SMS content. You can pass 10 or 12 digit mobile numbers in comma separated format. Eg : 9895123456,9847123456,919809123456
senderid The Sender ID for this SMS. 6 characters for SMS as per new TRAI regulations. Also note senderid is not the email-id.
Key Optional
messages This is for using sendpairedsms method in webservice Test Message 91xxxxxxxxxx
hashValue Hash value generated from username, senderid, message and securekey.

API Response Codes

Response Code Meaning
401 Credentials Error, may be invalid username or password
402, X X messages submitted successfully
403 Credits not available
404 Internal Database Error
405 Internal Networking Error
406 Invalid or Duplicate numbers
407,408 Network Error on SMSC
409 SMSC response timed out, message will be submitted
410 Internal Limit Exceeded, Contact support
411, 412 Sender ID not approved.
413 Suspect Spam, we do not accept these messages.
414 Rejected by various reasons by the operator such as DND, SPAM etc
415 Secure Key not available
416 Hash doesn't match
417 otpmsg method contains only single number
418 Daily Limit Exceeded